Woodturners of Olympia Annual Symposium featuring Richard Raffan

Exciting news from our neighbors to the south. The Woodturners of Olympia Annual Symposium of 2015 will feature Richard Raffan! This is a rare opportunity, not to be missed.

There is also space in one or more of the workshops being held so if you’re interested in taking part in one, best get your reservation in soon. No doubt they will fill up fast!

Visit their website for details.

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Tree Auction Results

This from Gary Moore with the results of the Christmas tree auction to which so many of you generously donated ornaments. We can be justifiably proud of our efforts.

Thank you one and all:

Here is the Scoop: You will be happy to know that our tree “To Everything There is a Season, Turn, Turn Turn” sold for $1200 (the second highest ever at this auction) to Wilson Engineering. Thank you Wilson Engineering! The next highest tree went for $475 with most of the trees selling at about $300. The People’s Choice went to the Alzheimer’s tree (“Alzheimer’s is for the Birds”).

There were many positive comments about our tree. One lady said “I wish my father were alive to see this”. Numerous people said the tree is amazing. The auctioneer said it was easily worth $2000. Laura, your toy train and spin top under the tree were played with by nostalgic adults. Ray, your tree topper was a huge hit with many, including comments by the auctioneer. Other comments like “look at the beautiful bird houses “ and “Oh look, there are tops too”. Others asked if it was possible to buy individual ornaments somewhere. Some were interested in the club so I invited them to come to our meetings or to visit our website.

Congratulation to members of NWW for helping a very worthwhile organization! I am proud to be a part of a club that does so much for our communities. This year, Oso donation, Toys for Tots, top turning for the kids (and adults), school programs and now this!

Thanks again

Well done!

Ornament Plans!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying this lovely summer weather! I know it does seem too early to start thinking about Christmas, but we have committed to decorate a tree for the Festival of Trees, which will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to the Health Support Center (more info at http://www.healthsupportcenter.org/).

Dennis has graciously provided a SPECIAL INCENTIVE for EVERYONE who brings an ornament to the September meeting – a $10 Craft Supplies Gift Certificate!!! We will need a lot of turned ornaments to decorate a 6-ft tree!

To help get those creative juices going I have pulled together a list of website that have plans for Turned Ornaments… some are very easy! You can also check out Etsy for ideas, or YouTube for tutorials…

If you have any questions, contact me (melanie@nwwwt.org) or Gary Moore (gamoore@nwwwt.org). Thanks in advance to everyone for their participation!

Melanie Mankamyer



Annual Summertime Potluck Picnic!

There’s no scheduled meeting or presentation this month because it’s time for our Annual Summertime Potluck Picnic! Always a fun event, this will include (as usual) a tool sale and silent auction. If you have not been before, see the July newsletter for directions to get to Val & Laura Matthews’ place.

Bring your significant other, a side dish (salad, dessert, etc.), something cool to drink, and something to sit on. The club will provide the main course, soft drinks, water, paper plates, plastic ware, napkins. Lunch is normally served around 3pm.

Cindy Drozda All-Day Event Recap

As this is written, the final class is being taught by Cindy Drozda. Having had the opportunity to spend the past two days learning from Cindy has been a great experience. Due to circumstances, I was unable to attend the Thursday meeting, but sources tell me that I missed a great amount of fabulous information. Cindy gave a presentation on burl maximization. I knew it would be good, but from what I hear it was truly outstanding! Additionally, Cindy made the ceremonial “first cut” on the new Sweet Sixteen Robust lathe!

Anyone who missed the Saturday all day demo at the Anacortes First Baptist Church, missed another fantastic presentation. Cindy went through the steps on how she approaches her signature Star Finial Bowl. The detail and organization of this lady, not to mention the insights she presented, were extraordinary. As always, those that did not attend missed another fabulous meal! In addition to the aforementioned presentation, Cindy also demonstrated how she sharpens her tools. And as an encore, she made a mushroom from a Banksia pod!

On Friday, Cindy taught a finial class. Once again my angst ratchets to stratospheric levels, as I confess I was unable to attend that class due to afore mentioned circumstances. But nirvana was fortunately attained on Sunday when I reveled for eight hours with the other seven fortunate participants, in learning hands on how to emulate her awesome Star Finial Bowl. WOW! All good things do have to end however, and Monday is the final class (also a Star Finial Bowl, though I understand she is going to make the offer to allow folks to learn her Star Finial Box if they wish)!

As a club we are so fortunate to have people like Bob Doop and Juanita Caday who have given so freely of their time, treasures, and talents. Please add to the list of extraordinary folks Robbie and Dennis Shinn, George Way, Rick Anderson, Les Books, Rick Erb, and Laura Matthews! There are so many other folks that have done so much to make these events possible that this article would become an encyclopedic with all their names! All of those who helped deserve a heartfelt “thank you”.

Hopefully you were able to participate fully in this wonderful experience. The more we all become involved, the better our presentations can be, and the more we all gain! I urge you to volunteer for there are so many opportunities to become more involved in our club!

Hazel Thomas,
Vice President

If you would like to find copies of the handouts from the All-Day Demonstration and classes, Cindy has them and many more available at her website: www.cindydrozda.com

She also has a number of instructional videos on her youtube channel.