Tree Auction Results

This from Gary Moore with the results of the Christmas tree auction to which so many of you generously donated ornaments. We can be justifiably proud of our efforts.

Thank you one and all:

Here is the Scoop: You will be happy to know that our tree “To Everything There is a Season, Turn, Turn Turn” sold for $1200 (the second highest ever at this auction) to Wilson Engineering. Thank you Wilson Engineering! The next highest tree went for $475 with most of the trees selling at about $300. The People’s Choice went to the Alzheimer’s tree (“Alzheimer’s is for the Birds”).

There were many positive comments about our tree. One lady said “I wish my father were alive to see this”. Numerous people said the tree is amazing. The auctioneer said it was easily worth $2000. Laura, your toy train and spin top under the tree were played with by nostalgic adults. Ray, your tree topper was a huge hit with many, including comments by the auctioneer. Other comments like “look at the beautiful bird houses “ and “Oh look, there are tops too”. Others asked if it was possible to buy individual ornaments somewhere. Some were interested in the club so I invited them to come to our meetings or to visit our website.

Congratulation to members of NWW for helping a very worthwhile organization! I am proud to be a part of a club that does so much for our communities. This year, Oso donation, Toys for Tots, top turning for the kids (and adults), school programs and now this!

Thanks again

Well done!