Woodturning Information Sources on the Internet

by Ron Radliff

The internet is an outstanding source of valuable information on woodturning. Of course, you can just Google “woodturning” and see what pops up. Or, even throw in a specific subject “woodturning bowls” and get right to the point. It will pull up all sorts of websites, images, or videos depending on what you’re after. The purpose of this document is to list a few specific sources to help get you started.

This listing is aimed at new turners and novices mostly. However more experienced turners may find answers to nagging problems or even find different ways of tackling a particular project.

Everything listed below is free (a pretty good price).


Ah yes, Facebook. For people not on Facebook, the mere mention of the name conjures up mental images of adolescents posting their every bodily function, location, and thought in glorious detail. Well, not so fast. There are tons of information out there for adults too. One such example is a closed group called “Woodchuckers”. A closed group is one in which you must be authorized to join. This is done to keep the group focused on the subject at hand. In the case of Woodchuckers, the subject is woodturning. Woodchuckers has over 2000 members ranging from complete novices right up to the big names like Richard Raffan and Cindy Drozda who pop in occasionally. I’m pleased to say, I’m one of the 3 administrators for the group. Having said that, if you find you’re interested and on Facebook, look up Woodchuckers and click the “join” button. I might not recognize your name, so it would help to give me a heads up either by email (usaf.463@live.com) or via Facebook private message. When someone requests to join the group, we look at their page for signs of woodturning such as photos of their work or membership in other turning groups. Baring that, we send a private message asking their involvement in turning.

In addition to my unabashed plug for Woodchuckers, many turners, famous and unknowns alike have Facebook pages where you can see what they’re up to, see their work, and interact with them personally. I’ve had quite a few questions answered just by going to their Facebook page and asking.

Online Woodturning Forums

There are a few woodturning forums on the web with members ranging from people without any woodturning tools who want to get started, right up to seasoned turners and artists.

The American Association of Woodturners (AAW) has a great site which includes a forum among other features.

Sawmill Creek is a large forum for all types of woodworking including a separate forum that only covers turning.

Woodturners Resource is a great forum with sub sections broken down by subjects such as tools, tips, videos, turning talk, segmenting, finishing, etc.

There are others, but the ones listed seem to be the main ones.


Youtube on the web is a great source of show and tell videos. Yup, you’re picturing the teenybopper singing off key with the accompanying music turned up to 12 on a scale of 9. Beep. Wrong! There all sorts of turners out there that produce turning videos regularly. Some of the demonstrators are professional turners, some are expert amateurs, some are demonstrating as they themselves are learning to turn. Some post frequently and some have only one or two posts. All have something to offer and are well worth the time to check them out. If you subscribe to any of the turners accounts you can adjust your settings so you are notified, by email, of each upload as they happen. Lots of great info on youtube. Here are just a few(?) links.

Live Streaming Video

Many people have seen Captain Eddie’s youtube videos. Well, he has not only youtube videos, he also does demonstrations on streaming video twice a week on most weeks. The sessions are on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Central time (US) and 2 PM Central time (US) on Saturday. I believe Central time is GMT -6 hours most of the year.

Here’s the link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/makin-shavin-s

NOTE: Eddie has been out of commission for several months and it will be several more before he can start doing his videos and live program again. I left this information about his live show here because some are recorded and still listed at that link.